Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekend in Salt Lake

Well, I was right Whitney's baby shower was truly epic. She got a ton of stuff and the decorations were awesome. The best was the Bailey sign that my sis in law had made for Whitney to put in her nursery...LOVE IT! We also got to see our friend's new baby and Elise got to spend time with her BFF Kalena.

The best diaper bag EVERSisters...

Elise and WhitneyBFFs Kalena and Elise in their jammies
A big hug
Carter wanted to pose with the girlsElise holding 3 week old baby Pomai
I took pictures of Pomai but this professional pic is way better Love him!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Fun

Okay so maybe I got a little excited for the fall colors, pumpkins and it being Halloween time and all, so let's just say I took a lot of pictures this week. We went to the annual pumpkin walk, where people paint, carve and decorate pumpkins and set up different scenes all around the park. The Tangled exhibit was our favorite. We also made it to the park, since the rain has decided to stop for a few days.
I'm off to Salt Lake for the weekend....can't wait for my sister Whitney's baby shower, it will be epic!

The kids and I at the annual pumpkin walk

"Oh no this is very bad..they just can't get my nose right" -Eugene
Elise enjoying the Tangled exhibit with Eugene and Rapunzel seeing the lanterns Classic! I love how she is waving like Mickey MouseCinderellaSnow WhiteThe trees are looking beautiful here

Park Time
Halloween shirt
Ready for bed in her Halloween jammies

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Elise had her first trip to the dentist this week. I was very proud of her, I wasn't sure how she would react, but she did amazing. She did everything they told her and didn't cry or get scared. She has one small cavity and they will be able to fix her tooth that is chipped. I told her because she behaved so well, she gets to go back in two weeks. She's excited to go and get more presents! Hopefully round two of the dentist will go just as well as the first :) Utah State beat Wyoming 63 to 19 last Saturday! It was so fun to go to the game, Aggies just kept scoring touchdowns, it was very fun!

Our Aggie princess getting ready for the game
I may be little but I am a Big Aggie FanGot to watch the game with Head Coach Holmstrom from the Lyman Eagles High School Football TeamThe beginning of the game

Looking groovy at the dentist with her shades on
Speedy version of wheels on the bus....

Do as I'm doing...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall and Sickness

After the wedding Daniel and I got really sick. Daniel got Bronchitis and I got a bad case of Strep. We are now both feeling better and looking forward to the Utah State vs Wyoming game tomorrow. We plan to bundle up with these new cooler temperatures and cheer along with the kids. Enjoy some random pics and videos.

A sassy girl

She was so proud she could still fit in a high chair
A pretty shot of Bear Lake
Michael Jackson dancing

Chasing each-other