Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Fun

Okay so maybe I got a little excited for the fall colors, pumpkins and it being Halloween time and all, so let's just say I took a lot of pictures this week. We went to the annual pumpkin walk, where people paint, carve and decorate pumpkins and set up different scenes all around the park. The Tangled exhibit was our favorite. We also made it to the park, since the rain has decided to stop for a few days.
I'm off to Salt Lake for the weekend....can't wait for my sister Whitney's baby shower, it will be epic!

The kids and I at the annual pumpkin walk

"Oh no this is very bad..they just can't get my nose right" -Eugene
Elise enjoying the Tangled exhibit with Eugene and Rapunzel seeing the lanterns Classic! I love how she is waving like Mickey MouseCinderellaSnow WhiteThe trees are looking beautiful here

Park Time
Halloween shirt
Ready for bed in her Halloween jammies

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  1. I would take tons of pictures too of those cute kids, I don't blame you one bit! Love the Fall colors on here :)