Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekend in Salt Lake

Well, I was right Whitney's baby shower was truly epic. She got a ton of stuff and the decorations were awesome. The best was the Bailey sign that my sis in law had made for Whitney to put in her nursery...LOVE IT! We also got to see our friend's new baby and Elise got to spend time with her BFF Kalena.

The best diaper bag EVERSisters...

Elise and WhitneyBFFs Kalena and Elise in their jammies
A big hug
Carter wanted to pose with the girlsElise holding 3 week old baby Pomai
I took pictures of Pomai but this professional pic is way better Love him!


  1. You take such gorgeous pictures, gorgeous girl! I expect some fab Halloween ones!

  2. Yeah it was pretty epic. I was so glad that you came down. I also look pretty fantastic - so thank you!