Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Car Accident

Well it happened...again, I got in a car accident. A year ago almost exactly to the day I was in an accident with kids and we hit an antelope. This time it was the whole family in tow and Daniel was driving. A man ran a red light and we crashed into him. We're told as of now the car is either fixable or a probable total loss and we are awaiting the guy to accept liability for the accident. We are now getting better, well after I finish up a 6 weeks of treatment at the chiropractor anyway. We know that car accidents are never fun, but we are grateful that everybody is okay. Also a big thank-you to the people of Logan for stopping and giving my kids blankets to stay warm, our witness for staying, the nice man who had us sit in his warm car while we waited, and especially to our tow truck driver for dropping off and helping us carry in our groceries :) Now days my driving paranoia is back in high gear, but on a happy note we do have a sweet rental, a 2011 Dodge Durango.

"Our broken car" as Elise calls it
The rental

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  1. eeeek yikes. Glad you guys are okay!!! wow!!!! stay safe