Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We headed up to Wyoming again this year for Thanksgiving. It was full of fun...starting the morning off with the famous Walker Football Turkey Bowl, watching the Parade on TV, eating lots of yummy food, and the Greenbay Packers winning was also super fun. Now we are all extremely full and enjoying the leftovers already. Feeling thankful this year for family and most recently that we were not hurt worse in our car accident.
Other updates we did indeed find a new car, it's another Dodge Durango, but this time it is superman blue :) Good fun! Also after almost a year in a half of waiting I was able to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn: Part 1. It was full of crazy fans (I got there an hour early and had to sit in the front), but it was highly enjoyable.
Lastly, Logan has been hit with lots of snow...I'm thinking this will continue throughout the winter. Enjoy some pics:)

Who are you calling a Turkey?

Carter was so excited when I told him the food was ready to eat!Daniel for the 3rd year in a row has been the official man in charge of cooking and cutting the turkey..great job!
Elise and Uncle DavidOur winter weather in Logan
Breaking Dawn is out!The packed theaterOh yeah and the new car :)Carter trying to sing Christmas songs with Daniel

Elise and Carter being pulled around by Uncles

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