Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Adventures

Okay so far the holiday season has been amazing and hasn't stopped yet (we're still here). Below are a zillion pictures leading up to Christmas Eve. Lots of fun activities and play time with cousins for the kids up here in Idaho. Good times! Enjoy the pics!!!!

Carter looking sweeeeet in his Santa Hat
Cousin fun: Boston, Elise, Tate, Carter and McCall warming by the fire
Now best buds: Elise and BostonFun at the Idaho Falls Museum
Cousins: Addison and EliseElise and cousins Leighton and LexiMailing letters to SantaPosing in her awesome Christmas shirt
Carter's Christmas attireElise and Santa
Carter and SantaOur little Chef cooking it up at a local chocolate/candy store "Candy Cottage"
Carter posing by the tree before Santa came

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  1. TOO MUCH CUTENESS - must go lie down now. So fun!