Friday, December 9, 2011

First Haircut

Carter got his first "real" haircut today. I've trimmed his hair a couple of times, but lately to me his hair was looking like either someone from the 70's or a bad wig. Daniel pulled out all his clippers and went to town. Now my sweet baby looks older, has lost his blonde highlights and he sat like a champ during his haircut and giggled the whole time. We also went out to a neighborhood Christmas Party and the kids got to see Santa. Carter couldn't get enough and kept wanting to get on his lap again and again. Santa said that Carter was his number one fan:) Not to mention the fun laughs Elise got when she told Santa she wants a laptop for Christmas...a pink and purple one. Here are a few to Salt Lake for the weekend to meet my new niece, Bailey!!!!

Carter before
Carter during the haircutLaughingAfter! It's pretty short, but it totally looks like a Daniel haircutThe kids bundling up as they head out to the neighborhood Christmas PartyElise and SantaCarter and SantaPosing before church (she let me curl her hair, yea!)Table I decorated for a church dinnerMy little Christmas ChefElise giving Frosty a hug


  1. What a great haircut! Those haircuts definitely make them look a little older, but it looks really good on him :)

  2. You are so lucky to get good Santa pics - most of my kids were always a little too freaked out. And I love the haircut - I always like short hair on boys (not that horrible kid in movie hair). Can't wait for some more Bailey pics - hope you took some.