Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Infinity and Beyond!

Last Saturday we had Carter's Toy Story Birthday Party....and it was a blast!!! We had a total of 35 people that came, ate some good food including yummy cake and we had a pinata to top it off! We were so happy for all of our friends and family that were able to make it. Carter got a lot of Toy Story themed gifts as well as 4 different people gave Elise presents too. They were both so happy to play with their cousins, Uncles and Aunties....mostly they loved seeing Skipper and Grammy plus their Grandpa and Grandma. Good times!!!!! Happy Birthday Carter!!!!!

Carter's birthday lunch at Chick-Fil-AReady to Play!
Cousins watching Toy StoryBuzz Lightyear pinataBoston and Elise chillin in their 3D glasses
Loving his pinata
The awesome cake

Opening presentsSkipper helping with Carter's new Toy Story basketball hoopHawaiian Adventures Buzz Lightyear (thanks Lauren Carter loves it!)Pinata fun!BFFs and Twinners! They love Dora!Elise and Kalena

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Carter!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy! I guess after all you are not such a baby can now talk, walk, run, wash your hands, help clean up, brush your teeth, throw tantrums, sleep in a big boy bed, eat with a spoon and fork, kick a ball, throw a ball, require routine haircuts, you've lost your blonde highlights and you love all things Toy Story, especially Buzz Lightyear. Wow that is a long list Mr. Carter Matai Magalogo.
We love you and can't wait for many more fun filled years to come!
Love, Mommy, Poppa and Elise

Newborn Carter
Carter 1 year oldNow a big 2 year old.....weighing in at 33.5 pounds! Big Boy :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

All better and excited for next week

Well we've all been out of commission for almost two weeks now. Carter got sick first, then Elise got the worst of it and lastly, Daniel and I got sick. After lots of sleepless nights, DayQuil, NyQuil, Toy Story movies, and antibiotics we are all officially better. Now we just have next week to look forward to: Valentine's Day and Carter's Birthday...good times! Here are pics of happy and healthy kids!

I'm so excited 7 days until my birthday!