Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Salon Fun!

Nothing too exciting this week for the Magalogos. Just sticking to schedules and routines. Elise has really started loving pre-school, she asks everyday when school is again....we have made a craft bulletin board for her to display her weekly art. As for Carter he has started saying two words together at a time. Examples, All done, it's here, toy story, bye woody, eat food, Elise wake-up, okay that is all I can think of right now, but he also says new words everyday, it is fun. As for me, I learned that going from black hair back to brown is a huge process. I was able to hit the salon to get it done, not knowing the process would take 3 hours. Right now it is a nice mix of brown and darker pieces so I wouldn't shock all of my hair from going to the lighter color after being dark so long. At least that is what the stylist said. Enjoy a couple pics...looking forward to Daniel's birthday in a week when we head down to Salt Lake City to celebrate the big 3-0!!!!

I love the sleeve on Elise's shirtShowing off some of her art
I know looking sweet right?
After, hard to see the brown, but it's there

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