Sunday, April 8, 2012


This weekend was fun filled with lots of Easter events. The kiddos colored Easter eggs, went on an Easter Egg Hunt, met the Easter Bunny, attended an Easter Party and they went to church in their Easter Sunday Best. Elise sang with the Primary at church for the very first time. She stood in the front and knew all the words....I felt like a very proud parent at that moment, I don't think this girl will shy away from solos in the future. Until next time, here are our Easter pics.

Coloring Easter Eggs

The finished product: Princess Eggs with jewels on themElise posing with some pink peeps Easter Party at Toddler Time: Decorating Rice Krispies Treat Eggs
Carter just wants to eat his..yummy!Ta da!
Elise showing her sparkly egg she made at pre-school

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