Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patrick's Day!

We spent a week up in Idaho and had a blast with my family especially playing with all the Idaho cousins. We even had a big St. Patty's Day party full of green food, a scavenger hunt, frosting green cupcakes, and the house decorated with lots of green shamrocks. Enjoy :)

My little St. Patty's girl all decked out in green
Carter too
Cousin pic: Boston,Carter, Merritt, Addison and Elise (Nobody here got pinched)
Boston and Elise eating all the green foodYummy foodPrizes from the scavenger huntFrosting cupcakesSweet glasses EliseCarter looking very 80s here, reminds me of something LL Cool J would wear Did I mention how much I LOVE that Elise is actually posing lately? Good funIdaho Fun not on St. Patty's Day:
Elise and cousin Addison

Carter riding a horse in the playroom
He fell off, but seems to be okay with thatWhaaaat? Toy Story bedding? That's right. Carter is in love with everything Toy Story
Ready for sleep!This is Elise looking like Robin Sparkles from her Mall Video on How I Met Your MotherPose :)

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