Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summertime...well pretty close

Okay so I know there are a lot of pictures in this post, but in my defense we have been out and about.  The weather has been amazing so we have been pretending that it is summer. We went to Wyoming, Salt Lake City, the Living Aquarium and best of all got to snuggle with my niece Bailey, and Elise got to hang out with her bestie Kalena. Good times!

Best pic of the week! (Literally a mile away from our house)

Magalogo Bunch up in Wyoming
Carter cruising in his bike from Grandpa
 Elise playing with some neighbors
Off to Salt Lake City in style!
 Elise holding her cousin Bailey for the first time
Uncle Daniel
Favorite Auntie
Ummm...yeah (office space style) it was hot!
Best Friends photo shoot...these girls are so cute together (Elise & Kalena)

The Living Aquarium:
Carter kept saying, "Nemo...Nemo!"

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crystal Hot Springs

This week miraculously we it hit 80 The Magalogo Family decided to hit the hot springs pools in Honeyville, Utah. The kids had fun and nobody got burned which was a big plus. This weekend we are off to Wyoming for a going away party for Daniel's sister Elizabeth who is moving back to Hawaii next week. I guess we'll just have to go visit her in the future :)
Carter floating
The kiddos and I in one of the other hot pools (not the best picture but it shows I was there, right?)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


This weekend was fun filled with lots of Easter events. The kiddos colored Easter eggs, went on an Easter Egg Hunt, met the Easter Bunny, attended an Easter Party and they went to church in their Easter Sunday Best. Elise sang with the Primary at church for the very first time. She stood in the front and knew all the words....I felt like a very proud parent at that moment, I don't think this girl will shy away from solos in the future. Until next time, here are our Easter pics.

Coloring Easter Eggs

The finished product: Princess Eggs with jewels on themElise posing with some pink peeps Easter Party at Toddler Time: Decorating Rice Krispies Treat Eggs
Carter just wants to eat his..yummy!Ta da!
Elise showing her sparkly egg she made at pre-school