Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Football and Cute Videos

Both of our parents came into town last Saturday to attend Utah State's Spring Blue and White Football Game. Since Daniel works for the team, we all came to show our support. It gave us a taste to what the fall will be like when he is crazy busy with school and football. He will be traveling with the team for away games, so pretty much we won't see him for a few months. The kids did surprisingly well at the game and even got two mini-footballs that were thrown into the crowd. 
This week Elise started swimming lessons. After her first class she said, "Okay mom now that I had a swimming lesson I now know how to swim." I had to explain to her that there is still more to learn and she can practice in Grammy's hot tub. This made her smile. As for us we are off to play with cousins and family in Idaho. Spring/Summer here we go....

Skipper and Elise showing off her football 
 Elise, Grandpa and Carter

Found a NEW Park!
Elise posing under a pretty pink tree that blossomed at the park
 Singing Time with Poppa

Carter practicing words


  1. The grandmas were there too!!!

  2. So fun - can't wait to see you guys next month!