Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Camping Trip

Okay so I did it, I went camping. Growing up we NEVER went camping, I think a big part of it was my Mom was never a fan. "Okay let's drive to nature and then go back home." She would also say, "My idea of camping is a less expensive hotel." Yes I went to Girl's Camp for many years and was even a Girl Scout Counselor for a summer, but we stayed in cabins, which I think is very different. After years and years of asking I finally went with my husband Daniel and we brought the kiddos for an evening of tin foil dinners, smores, singing by the campfire with the ukulele, looking at ALL the stars and finally, sleeping in a tent. All I can say is that I survived a night, not sure I could do this for days at a time, but it was a beautiful campsite (only 15 minutes from our house) up in Providence Canyon and the kids had a BLAST. Well, that's about it thanks for reading my official camping report. Enjoy the pics :)
First family photo of all of us in a long time...

Kid camping chairs

Elise making her first smore
Closing his eyes in delight while eating his smore

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  1. Smores.... open fire.... an accident waiting to happen!!! I believe my quote was, " My idea of camping is a less expensive hotel!!" I stand by that! by that!!