Thursday, June 14, 2012

Madagascar 3

Okay so we did it, we saw Madagascar 3 in 3D at the theater.  The fun back story to this is when Elise saw a preview last December for this movie. She asked, "When can we see that movie?" I told her it would come out in the summer near her birthday. Since then she's asked constantly if the movie was out in the theater yet. So I decided to make a little game out of it. For the last month the kids have had reward charts posted in their room to earn stickers to go see the movie. Happy to say they each earned 30 stickers and watched the whole movie (which is really good btw). Anyways the night before the movie came out we were at the park with the kids. I was talking to the other moms about how excited we were to see Madagascar 3. One mom said, "What's Madagascar?" Another mom said, "Oh I've never seen 1 or 2," then the last mom said, "I didn't know they were making a new one." Needless to say I felt pretty hip in the mom department and my kids are still talking about it!

All ready with their glasses!

Bubble time outside after the movie

Carter talking

Elise and I doing movie quotes from Tangled

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