Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final Countdown

We have been out and about this summer and are now ready to be home, relax and get ready for school to start in a few weeks. I took the kids to the Fort Bridger Historic Site and Museum in was fun besides being attacked by mosquitoes. We also made a quick trip to Salt Lake and then we were able to enjoy the Pioneer Day festivities in Logan. It's good to live in Utah again and can celebrate the 24th. Next week Elise has a Dr. Seuss summer camp and Daniel starts working for the Utah State Football Team. Good things a comin...

 Old Wagon
 Carter cemetary
 Elise pulling a Handcart
 Riding a horse at the museum

Salt Lake Trip:
Kalena, Elise and Carter (I'm pretty much in LOVE with this photo right now)
 Best Buds (Who actually Skype all the time on the computer with each-other)
 Water time
 Play time
 Matching time
 We love our sweet niece Bailey
 Pioneer Day Parade in Logan
 Highlight of parade (Chick Fil-A handing out free sandwiches)
 Yummy blue cotton candy
 The kids got LOTS of candy
Elise's first piano lesson
Carter dancing at parade
Daniel going down the fast slide
Uncle Dayna's turn

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Jewelry Party fit for a Queen

Well this little girl had quite the birthday party this year. Back in December of last year I had asked Elise if she had any ideas about her birthday party for this summer. Her reply was, "I want a jewelry party." From that day on the party was set and thankfully she never changed her mind. We had all her Idaho cousins come for a day at Grammy's house. This included games, a cotton candy machine, dance party, cake, icecream and goodie bags complete with jewelry. It was fun to see all the kids show up in their jewelry attire, however the best part was Elise's sweet birthday glasses oh and all the new barbies she got....enjoy A LOT of pictures as usual. Happy 4th birthday Elise!!!

Looking sweet in her bday glasses, shirt and hat
Cool cake
 A little posing before the guests arrived
 The decorations
Goodie Bags
Pink cotton candy....her dream
 LaClare girl cousins, Tate, McCall and Merritt
 Elise and cousin Addison
 Leighton enjoying some cotton candy
 Oh and this is what the boys looked like at the party. All two of them...Boston
 and Carter
 Mommy and Elise
Musical Chairs and Dance Party Fun
Thinking about her wish
 Yummy cake!
This is pretty much what Carter thought about the party
Present time

My favorite: a brunette barbie
Oh and this is a bonus if you made it past all the above photos. Since Elise is now 4 I FINALLY let her have her first sleepover. She has been asking for a while now. Her cousins did a great job of planning a special night for her. Thanks Merritt, McCall and Tate!

The party schedule: By Merritt
 A little pajama and ice cream fun in the backyard
 A full service salon at the LaClare's House: A Pedicure for Elise

 She can't wait for her next sleepover!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to our Princess

Happy Birthday to our Princess Elise! These last four years have literally flown by. I remember I was terrified to become a mom, but as soon as you came, I knew that being a mom was what I was supposed to be doing. I love how you are my little gal pal and we have girl dates together, paint our nails and quote movie lines together. You rock Elise! Poppa and I love to see how easily you have adjusted to pre-school and that you can't wait to be in kindergarten. We love to hear you sing, watch you dance, swim like a fish and especially draw and color. Continue to grow and enjoy life....we LOVE your joyful infectious.....please don't grow up! We love you Elise Matalena!

Newborn Elise
Baby Girl
One Year Old

Two Years Old

Three Years Old

Elise now a big FOUR year old

Monday, July 9, 2012

Red, White and Blaine

I hope everybody had a great Fourth of July. This year we came up to Idaho Falls again to celebrate the holiday with family. The kids had a blast with their cousins as always and enjoyed the festivities. We attended the parade, had a barbecue at my sister Lauren's house, did some of our own fireworks and then attended the infamous Melaleuca Firework Show. It did not disappoint this year, and it helped that Daniel got a front row parking spot everywhere we went.  Getting ready for a very special little girl's birthday tomorrow...

Elise all dolled up for the 4th
Our group at the parade
 The theme of the parade
 Mommy and Carter
 Carter and Poppa
 So patriotic
Elise and cousin Esme
Carter and Skipper enjoying the parade

Uncle Dalan and Elise...the heat was definitely getting to her at this point
Elise and cousin Boston waving their flags
Carter and Uncle Mike (his best friend at the parade)

I just love this pic
Exhausted after the parade, but still holding his flag
 Fireworks at Lauren's house
 Elise's sparkler

 Good times!  I couldn't get any of my videos to load...will try again later