Monday, July 9, 2012

Red, White and Blaine

I hope everybody had a great Fourth of July. This year we came up to Idaho Falls again to celebrate the holiday with family. The kids had a blast with their cousins as always and enjoyed the festivities. We attended the parade, had a barbecue at my sister Lauren's house, did some of our own fireworks and then attended the infamous Melaleuca Firework Show. It did not disappoint this year, and it helped that Daniel got a front row parking spot everywhere we went.  Getting ready for a very special little girl's birthday tomorrow...

Elise all dolled up for the 4th
Our group at the parade
 The theme of the parade
 Mommy and Carter
 Carter and Poppa
 So patriotic
Elise and cousin Esme
Carter and Skipper enjoying the parade

Uncle Dalan and Elise...the heat was definitely getting to her at this point
Elise and cousin Boston waving their flags
Carter and Uncle Mike (his best friend at the parade)

I just love this pic
Exhausted after the parade, but still holding his flag
 Fireworks at Lauren's house
 Elise's sparkler

 Good times!  I couldn't get any of my videos to load...will try again later

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