Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final Countdown

We have been out and about this summer and are now ready to be home, relax and get ready for school to start in a few weeks. I took the kids to the Fort Bridger Historic Site and Museum in was fun besides being attacked by mosquitoes. We also made a quick trip to Salt Lake and then we were able to enjoy the Pioneer Day festivities in Logan. It's good to live in Utah again and can celebrate the 24th. Next week Elise has a Dr. Seuss summer camp and Daniel starts working for the Utah State Football Team. Good things a comin...

 Old Wagon
 Carter cemetary
 Elise pulling a Handcart
 Riding a horse at the museum

Salt Lake Trip:
Kalena, Elise and Carter (I'm pretty much in LOVE with this photo right now)
 Best Buds (Who actually Skype all the time on the computer with each-other)
 Water time
 Play time
 Matching time
 We love our sweet niece Bailey
 Pioneer Day Parade in Logan
 Highlight of parade (Chick Fil-A handing out free sandwiches)
 Yummy blue cotton candy
 The kids got LOTS of candy
Elise's first piano lesson
Carter dancing at parade
Daniel going down the fast slide
Uncle Dayna's turn


  1. Wow you are really out and about. I am not sure about the smiling picture of Carter at the cemetery - but super fun post and I too love that picture of the 3 amigos. Your children are so attractive and photogenic. It was nice to see you for a moment in time. Have a great week and I will talk to you soon!

  2. I love the posing at Fr. Bridger - hand on the hip and all! Glad you are enjoying the end of your summer - give the kids a kiss (and a yell to get back in bed) for me!