Saturday, August 18, 2012

Aggie Fan Day

We attended Aggie Football Fan day where the community gets together to support the Utah State Team and they get pumped for football season to start. The kids enjoyed watching the team, Carter kept yelling, "Tackle that guy." They also played on kids toys and enjoyed getting an Aggie tattoo on their cheeks. First game is in two weeks and at home. Should be a fun season...Go Aggies!
Other updates for this week....Carter turned 2 1/2 and like I said before he is talking more and more. Carter is obsessed with super heroes, especially all of the Avengers. He is still super strong and people ask me at the park what do I do to have such a strong kid....literally he looks like he has muscles we're told. He is now 35 inches tall and weighs 34 pounds. Oh and he loves everything about football. As for Elise she had a check up at the dentist and we are happy to report that she has no cavities and she sat there quietly in her chair and was a great patient. One more week until school starts. Until then....

Mommy and Carter hanging out at the stadium
 The new turf
 Getting Aggie tattoos

 Ta Da
 Carter wanted the bull
 Carter had a play date with his best bud Harvey
 They are both yelling...Football!


  1. The answer might be to marry a Samoan!!!! Ya think.....Cute pictures! can't wait to see you.

  2. The kids are so freaking adorable! Love them! So excited to see you all soon. Yay for football in the Fall!