Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Time

This week I got to take the kids horseback riding with our friends. The kids had a blast and are now in love with the horse they rode, Sadie. We also took a quick trip to Wyoming to watch Daniel's brother, Tui play football. They beat Lovell 21-6, the team they lost to at the state championship last it was very fun. Other than that, lots of stroller rides and walks with the cooler temperatures and we're getting ready for the Aggie homecoming football game this Saturday. Until next time.....

Riding together
 Carter riding on his own
 Elise riding with our friend Tyson and his horse Sadie

 Brushing Sadie
 Carter's turn
 Haystack fun
 Carter roping
 The kids with their friend Harvey

Tui #6
 Carter and Grandpa at the game
 Elise and cousins
Just two kitties hanging out on a Sunday afternoon

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Magalogo Brothers

Okay so I came across this video of Daniel and some of his brother's singing at their sister's wedding from a couple of years ago. It reminds me how talented these boys are (especially with all the X-Factor and The Voice shows on right now) and how much I love to hear them sing.  Enjoy :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hail the Utah Aggies!

Last Friday was the most fun, crowded and exciting game we've been to. We beat The University of Utah (Utes) 27-20 in overtime. We had not beat them since this was definitely an upset and I was so happy to be a part of it. Our friends BJ and Anuhea came up from SLC for the game. Elise loved being able to hang out with her BFF Kalena and cheer for the team. Go Aggies!

 I'm an Aggie...I'm an Aggie the kids keep saying
 Fun with BJ
 The girls
 One Mommy pic
Playing with dolls, Carter got in on the action
 Elise and I got our nails painted with flowers by Anuhea...very fun!

This week I took the kids to see the Lorax at the library. They liked the free popcorn and seeing a new movie. I like finding new things to do with the kids, especially around the community.
 Just Daniel and the kids hanging out watching a Packers game...they beat da bears!
 Elise is happy she can wear her "fall hat" as she calls it

Monday, September 10, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We went to Idaho for Labor Day Weekend. We were able to spend time with family and be there for my nephew Austin's baby blessing. The kids loved playing with their Idaho cousins and spending time with Aunt Whitney, Uncle Trevor and baby Bailey. Oh how they love going to Grammy and Skipper's house! Enjoy :)

This is a winner! Elise and Skipper
Boston, Tate and Elise
Baby Austin
My brother Brinn and baby Austin
The Granat Fam...3 girls and a BOY!
McCall holding baby Austin
Merritt's turn
 Snoozin away
 Yummy cake
Some of the group
My sister Lauren and baby Austin
Oh my Bailey...I really love that girl :)
Elise hanging out with Bailey
Carter chillin on the floor with cousin Bailey
Made it to the King Tut exhibit at the museum...Whitney and Trevor looking sweeet!
Carter loving some limes at Red Robin
Playing the dance freeze game......and pose!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

July Idaho Trip

Okay so here are the rest of my pictures from our two week vacation to Idaho this past July. Besides the fourth of July the rest of my pictures got left behind at my parents house. Now I have them and here they are.....The kids had so much fun playing in the sun, swimming, and daily play dates with their truly was an awesome trip! A little sad summer is over...but alas enjoy these pics.

 A Granat family trip to Heise Hot Spings
 Carter looking sweet in his goggles
 McCall and Ethan
 Da Girls: Elise, Merritt, Karina and McCall
 Tim and Karina
 The whole sister Kirse's family, my sister Lauren's family and my family
 A little swimming break for lunch
LaClare backyard water fun

 Da Boys: Boston and Carter
 Elise chillin with her cousins
 Superhero cousins
 Carter looking like an accountant with some nerdy glasses
 Elise's turn
 New Nephew! Baby boy at the hospital: Austin Kent born July 2, 2012
 Idaho Falls Temple
Oh how I enjoy the stroller
 Carter and Skipper

 Cousin Sullivan (looking cool in his shades) and Carter
 Elise and Ethan
 Gotta have a Sonic slushy
 A Shrek Garden? Not sure, but had to pull over and take a picture of it
 The tallest lego tower ever! With cousins Addison and Lexi
 Daniel meets new nephew Austin -  10 days old
 Elise LOVED holding Austin
 So cute
 A little modeling shoot before church at Grammy's house
 I think she was sad here, but it looks like a modeling pose to me :)