Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School

This week was back to school week. It was super busy and I felt like I was running around like crazy. Just give us a few more weeks and I'm sure we will have a better routine going. Elise started her second year at pre-school and was sad that some of her friends moved on to kindergarten. I assured her that she will make new friends, already she is so excited that there is a boy named Ethan in her class, just like her cousin. Daniel started a full fall class schedule and a hectic work schedule with the football team. Which by the way has paid off...we won our first game 34-3 to SUU. It was soooooo fun! The kids got all decked out in their Aggie attire and even made it to fourth quarter without having to leave early. (Ummmm yeah kids don't sit so well for four hours) Oh so exciting. Happy back to school week everybody!
All ready for her first day back at school
 All ready to go to the big game, tattoos on cheeks on all
 My little poser

Opening of the coming on to the field
I love the way the stadium looks at sunset
So proud to be a big girl and have her own ticket
Junior Aggie
 Go Aggies...and tackle that guy, Carter yells
 Elise standing by the Merlin Olsen Statue outside of the stadium


  1. Cute kids - super fun! I am also enjoying your background selection. Back to school to prove to dad that I'm not a fool....

  2. So cute! Makes me almost like football