Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hail the Utah Aggies!

Last Friday was the most fun, crowded and exciting game we've been to. We beat The University of Utah (Utes) 27-20 in overtime. We had not beat them since this was definitely an upset and I was so happy to be a part of it. Our friends BJ and Anuhea came up from SLC for the game. Elise loved being able to hang out with her BFF Kalena and cheer for the team. Go Aggies!

 I'm an Aggie...I'm an Aggie the kids keep saying
 Fun with BJ
 The girls
 One Mommy pic
Playing with dolls, Carter got in on the action
 Elise and I got our nails painted with flowers by Anuhea...very fun!

This week I took the kids to see the Lorax at the library. They liked the free popcorn and seeing a new movie. I like finding new things to do with the kids, especially around the community.
 Just Daniel and the kids hanging out watching a Packers game...they beat da bears!
 Elise is happy she can wear her "fall hat" as she calls it

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  1. She should be a model or you should be a photographer or maybe both. Love you and your kiddos. How exciting for the Aggies and Daniel of course. I'm not even mad. :-)