Monday, September 10, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We went to Idaho for Labor Day Weekend. We were able to spend time with family and be there for my nephew Austin's baby blessing. The kids loved playing with their Idaho cousins and spending time with Aunt Whitney, Uncle Trevor and baby Bailey. Oh how they love going to Grammy and Skipper's house! Enjoy :)

This is a winner! Elise and Skipper
Boston, Tate and Elise
Baby Austin
My brother Brinn and baby Austin
The Granat Fam...3 girls and a BOY!
McCall holding baby Austin
Merritt's turn
 Snoozin away
 Yummy cake
Some of the group
My sister Lauren and baby Austin
Oh my Bailey...I really love that girl :)
Elise hanging out with Bailey
Carter chillin on the floor with cousin Bailey
Made it to the King Tut exhibit at the museum...Whitney and Trevor looking sweeet!
Carter loving some limes at Red Robin
Playing the dance freeze game......and pose!


  1. Enjoyable as always. I need to post my opinion on the fun(on my blog). Love the freeze dance picture. Great job again!

  2. So jealous of this weekend - so many fun pics. Too too much.