Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Festivities

This year Halloween was full of tons of events for the kids. Elise painted her own pumpkin for school and won the best pumpkin award. She also had a Halloween party at school, the kids went to a Halloween Carnival at church, they carved pumpkins for the first time, went Trick or Treating at our favorite grocery store (which was awesome BTW with a haunted house and everything),they went Trick or Treating at the mall and finally went Trick or Treating around the neighborhood. All in all it was a busy, but fun holiday. Our little super hero family is happy and enjoying lots of candy. Enjoy a zillion photos. Until next week.....

Happy Halloween from Captain America and Batgirl
Showing off her painted pumpkin for school

Halloween Carnival
Goin' fishing
Elise found a friend at the party, BATMAN! It was so fun and they actually hung out the whole time! Too cute :)
Carter frosting a Halloween cookie with my friend Erin
Cute Kitty
Three Superheroes
Face painting
You can't see it very well, but she got a kitty
Captain America is ready to fight!
My sweet Halloween nails done by my friend, Anuhea....the cat in front of the moon is my favorite
Posing with the pumpkins before the carving party
Yummy Halloween treats for the party
Daniel enjoying the carving and gutting process
Carter copying Poppa
My pumpkin: A call this my Granat Pumpkin
Elise's pumpkin, she specifically wanted 3 eyes
Daniel had the best pumpkin...check out this looks way cool lit up
A little posing in Halloween attire before getting into costumes
LOVE my Trick or Treat mat.....thank-you Hobby Lobby :)
Found some neat places to take pictures
Captain America crashed after our first Trick or Treat experience....we woke him up to go at night (I love how he is still holding the shield)
Okay I'll post one with me...Catwoman, Batgirl, and Captain America (The Hulk is not pictured....we had some green make-up issues) Our Marvel vs. DC Family

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Walk

I took the kids to the Pumpkin Walk again this year. They loved seeing all the decorated pumpkins and their favorite was Madagascar 3 circus exhibit playing "move it, move it." My favorites included the game Life, Hunger Games and pumpkins painted to look like an apple orchard, cool stuff. One more week until Halloween...... Enjoy :)

Madagascar 3: Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Afro 
Back shot

Utah State pumpkin on the top
 Elise posing with what she called a "nice witch"
I like this pumpkin, a chess piece
 Apple orchard made with pumpkins (oh and Elise is giving a silly pose)
 Game of the Life (see the car with the pink and blue in it) Too funny
 Hunger Games (this one had the best paint job on their faces, they looked real)
 This is for my mom, a Christmas Tree made out of pumpkins
 Carter kept wanting to take Nemo home
 Jessie and Buzz hanging out
 Carter was too short to put his face in, but he was so excited to see a Super Hero
 The End

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Fun and Football

This week I got to spend some time with my niece Bailey....I love her! She really is one of the sweetest babies. Anyways Utah State won again yesterday against New Mexico State University 41-7, it was super fun and I'm happy to report the kids actually made it through an entire game. Does it count if Carter fell asleep in my arms at fourth quarter though? Ha ha! We have been enjoying the beautiful trees and colors outside and the countdown to Halloween is on!

 Isn't this the best pacifier, ever?
 Bailey is the best dressed baby EVER! Love her!
Elise with Auntie Emerly at the game
Not sure what look she was going for at the game

I love that Emerly is wearing a Twilight shirt...let the countdown begin
I thought this was a cute picture, then I realized I looked like a mom forgetting Elise had put her bow she didn't want to wear anymore in my hair. Classic.
Carter asleep during fourth quarter....I can't remember the last time he fell asleep in public.
Fall Time photo shoot with Mommy