Thursday, October 11, 2012


Okay so not too much going on here, just more of the same, school, work and football. Elise attended her first friend birthday party and had a blast. Carter has been learning what to say in order to get things he either likes or wants to do, "But Mommy I love the I-Pod so much.....etc etc." He's a smart one.  He also is still very much obsessed with all super heroes especially any of the Avengers. I hear him say "Hulk Smash" about 10 times a day. Daniel is working hard at school and is busy working with the football team. As for me, I have been staying busy with the kids, but did watch the TV show "Downton Abbey" that everybody is talking about. I found myself saying, "No M'Lord, yes your Lady'ship" a lot. It is interesting to see how different everybody talked in that time period. Anyways we are pressing forward and getting excited for Halloween.  Until next time...

Grandpa came down for the "White Out" Homecoming Game

(We beat UNLV 35-13)
Animal crackers, yum!
Okay so I don't normally post these kind of pictures, but it made me think if the Seth Meyers skit on SNL..really?
Really you're gonna go to a College Football game and read a book?
Really you're gonna go to a White Out game and wear purple?
Really you're not gonna watch the game....even when we score?
Lastly, what are you even reading, I mean really?
Okay I'll stop now, but those were my thoughts during the game with this lady sitting next to me.
McDonalds fun in Smithfield
Still soaking up at the park when we can


  1. Love your comments about the lady in purple - too funny! Glad you are enjoying October and Downton Abbey - we need to discuss!

  2. Really McKenna - really?! You kids are so cute and did you ever find out what the lady was reading? Thank you m'lady...