Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"I've loved you for a thousand years..."

It was all very enjoyable. I headed down to Salt Lake City for a girls night out. This night my friend Anuhea and I have been planning for a year, true story. We went to yummy Olive Garden and then to a 9:00pm showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2. This was the earliest I have ever been able to see a new Twilight movie. I think going to see these movies has been so fun for so many girls, it's like this silly bond we all have. Everybody was taking pictures and talking about the "twist" at the end....like I said before it was very, very enjoyable. Now we're off to Idaho for Thanksgiving. All my brothers and sisters will be there....first time I think in almost a decade. Yea!


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  1. I think the popcorn tub is my favorite. Silly and fun for sure!