Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lyman Eagles State Champs!

Just a few little updates from us. Daniel's parents and two younger brothers came to the Utah State game when we beat Texas State 38-7. It was very fun for his brother's Deen and Tui to see their first college game. Next Tui, who plays football in high school won the State Championships for the Lyman Eagles 22-20 with the Eagles scoring a touchdown with 43 seconds left in the game. It was very exciting! Congrats guys! First time in history that they have been undefeated and won the championship. Lastly Elise sang her first solo in church in our Primary Program last Sunday. She sang, "I'm trying to be like Jesus."  She did an amazing job and we are so proud of her.... She nailed it!

Grandma, Elise and Grandpa at the game

 We are number one Carter says
 Lots of snow on our drive to Wyoming

 All ready for her Primary Program
Here's Elise singing her song, but when she ACTUALLY did it I promise she didn't do dramatic dance moves, enjoy :)

Elise and cousin Kayla visiting from Hawaii for the big game


  1. Loved the dance moves! I hope she really added those - it would have had much more of an impact I think. Ha! Thanks for the fabulous updates and fun.

  2. I agree. The gestures are awesome. Great photos!