Saturday, December 1, 2012

WAC Champs!

The Utah State Aggies Football Team are WAC (Western Athletic Conference) Champs this year. They won 10 games this season, first time since 1936. They are currently ranked 24th in the US by BCS and ranked 20th by the AP. We clinched the title last Saturday in a 45-9 victory over Idaho. It was very exciting, we rushed the field and screamed alongside all the fans. We are now off to Boise for the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl on December 15th. Good job Daniel, working so hard for such an outstanding team this year. Good luck Aggies!

Updates on the kiddos: Elise got official school photos taken for the first time. She also got good marks at my first parent/teacher conference. Whew! Lately, she is enjoying dancing and singing to the show, "The Fresh Beat Band," she really hopes to sing with them one day. Lastly, Elise has moved up to a twin bed....such a big girl...almost 4 1/2..crazy crazy! Oh and she is so excited for Christmas and is working very hard to be a "good girl." Carter also, got a new big boy bed (it was a bunk bed set), but after all the horrifying stories I read online, we are waiting a while before we set them up on top of each other. He is also is loving Santa and asks for his Christmas presents daily. Should be a fun month, with trips planned to Salt Lake, Boise and Idaho Falls for Christmas. "Santa Claus is coming to town..." 

Yea we won! Kiddos so happy!
Video after rushing the field

Players showing off their trophy
Posing on the field
Daniel and Elise had a Daddy Daughter Date Night at Chick Fil-A....included food, a band, activities, decorated reserved table and the cow mascot...very fun! I'm glad they do fun stuff like this.

Pre-school picture 2012
Her whole class
Posing in her new bed!
Carter too....with his Avengers sheets!


  1. So fun and so cute. Elise is such a poser - love that picture of her on the field. Happy December!

  2. McKenna!!! You and I bought the same girl bedding!!! too funny. We also bought a bunk bed but due to the continuous fighting to be up on the top bunk we are seperating the two beds as soon as I can get the crib out of the room. I bought the pink bedding for one bed and the matching purple bedding for the other. This was not your in-store bedding, where did you buy yours at?