Thursday, January 31, 2013

Indoor Fun!

This week we have been a little bit more out and about, even though we have over a foot and a half of snow! The kids have been busy building lego towers, swimming, Elise going to school and Carter is counting down the days until his birthday. Sad stories this week are Elise burned herself with my hot glue gun and Carter dropped Daniel's Ipod in the toilet. On a brighter note we are off to Salt Lake this weekend for Superbowl festivities.  Go Ravens!

Carter and Elise so proud of their Rapunzel tower
Rapunzel is at the top of the tower and Eugene is waiting at the bottom
 Swimming night with Mommy and Poppa!
 Another tower, another day
 Elise in her can-can dress up costume
 Elise practicing her can-can dancing
  Glow stick bath night

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frigid Temperatures

Not much new with the Magalogo Family, we have just been getting adjusted to our new semester schedule. We have also been FREEZING! Every morning for the past 2 weeks the temperature has been in the negatives.  The coldest day was last Monday the news said it was -20...and that is just too darn cold! I have decided that whenever the temperature is in the negative there is really no point to run around a lot. We have been watching movies with blankets and going out only when we have to. This can make a stay at home mom a little crazy but I am hoping February will warm up more and we can go out more with the kids. Only update we got Elise's hair cut, 3 inches! It looks so cute and healthy and now you can hardly see the shorter pieces from when she cut it herself in October. Yea! Here are a couple pics.

Watching Lion King for movie night

Thursday, January 17, 2013


We had lots of snow this week. Check out the pics below.

Off to pre-school on a snowy day
Ummmm yeah..that's A LOT of snow!!!!

First time ACTUALLY wearing a headband to church since she was a baby :) Yea! I think this shows off her haircut more too :)
 Our preppy boy, looking like he's off to private school

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Twin Baby Blessing

Daniel's cousin Eldon and his wife Jen blessed their twin boys last Sunday. When they brought the second baby up to be blessed everybody at church was saying, it's twins, it's twins! It was pretty funny. We also got to spend time with my sister Whitney, Trevor and beautiful Bailey. Lastly Elise got to hang out with her bestie Kalena and Daniel and I hung out with our friends BJ and Anuhea. It was fun to be with friends and family for the weekend. I can't wait for our next trip!
Updates for us this week. Daniel started a new semester and Elise has changed to afternoon pre-school, the night before her first afternoon class she said, "Mom can I sleep in tomorrow because I don't have school until after lunch?" I said yes, yes you can. Ha ha! Carter got a Hawkeye toy this week and will NOT let it goes everywhere with him, very cute. As for me Downton Abbey is back which is super exciting, I heard in New York there were a lot of dress up parties for the premiere, I think that would be oh so fun, maybe next season I will throw a party.... Until next week.
 Elise giving baby a squeeze
 Blessing Day
 This is the best one we got, one baby asleep and one awake...Jen and babies
 Elise and Kalena dressed up as princesses
 Oh and this is ALL the snow we came home to after Christmas...WOW MOM!
 Girls Date with Elise: Consisted of shopping and McDonalds for lunch (her choice)
 Fun fun
 Oh and lots of Avengers fun at our house these days