Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frigid Temperatures

Not much new with the Magalogo Family, we have just been getting adjusted to our new semester schedule. We have also been FREEZING! Every morning for the past 2 weeks the temperature has been in the negatives.  The coldest day was last Monday the news said it was -20...and that is just too darn cold! I have decided that whenever the temperature is in the negative there is really no point to run around a lot. We have been watching movies with blankets and going out only when we have to. This can make a stay at home mom a little crazy but I am hoping February will warm up more and we can go out more with the kids. Only update we got Elise's hair cut, 3 inches! It looks so cute and healthy and now you can hardly see the shorter pieces from when she cut it herself in October. Yea! Here are a couple pics.

Watching Lion King for movie night


  1. Her hair looks so cute! (you can totally tell you cut it) Stay warm and I will talk to you soon. Hakuna Matata!

  2. Love the movie night set-up - very cool! Stay warm crazy kids - and post another picture of her new hair!

  3. I love elise's hair cut! Is it cold outside? We hadn't noticed, we never leave the house! ;)