Thursday, January 31, 2013

Indoor Fun!

This week we have been a little bit more out and about, even though we have over a foot and a half of snow! The kids have been busy building lego towers, swimming, Elise going to school and Carter is counting down the days until his birthday. Sad stories this week are Elise burned herself with my hot glue gun and Carter dropped Daniel's Ipod in the toilet. On a brighter note we are off to Salt Lake this weekend for Superbowl festivities.  Go Ravens!

Carter and Elise so proud of their Rapunzel tower
Rapunzel is at the top of the tower and Eugene is waiting at the bottom
 Swimming night with Mommy and Poppa!
 Another tower, another day
 Elise in her can-can dress up costume
 Elise practicing her can-can dancing
  Glow stick bath night

1 comment:

  1. Love the headband. And wow that is a lot of snow. Makes me cold just to look at. I guess I won't complain about the rain!