Saturday, February 23, 2013

Calling all Avengers!

Avengers Assemble! Last weekend Carter had a super hero party fit for a king! We had a family party up in Wyoming with Daniel's family.  He dressed up as different Avengers, had yummy cake, yummy food and we even went swimming after. Let's just say this birthday boy was pretty exhausted by the time it was bedtime. We can't believe he's 3....but what can you do? Happy Birthday Carter!

The Birthday Boy
 Bday shirt
 His very own Avenger sign
 We watched Avengers
 Goodie bags
 All Avengers dressed up for the party!

 Cousins best dressed for the party...they have superhero skirts..very cute!
 Cousin Bert

 Opening presents
 Iron Man/Hulk?
Elise giving her cousin's doggie a hug
 A little dance party with cousins

 Swimming with the fam
 One happy birthday boy
 Magalogo Boys playing basketball
 Some of the group
 A very special treat for us: These are called Keke Pua'a pretty much the best Samoan food ever!
 Oh and don't forget Musubis....
 Heading back to Utah in style: Doesn't Carter look like a little super star here?
 A little posing while crossing the Utah border

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  1. I love you and your kids! What a fun party! I love the Carter banner - seriously could that be any more perfect. I hope it will go up in his room. They are so cute! Also love the St. Patrick's picture at the beginning. Also can I have some yummy Samoan food sometime please?! :-) See you soon Magalogo family!