Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Carter!

Congrats to Carter on turning three! What a big boy you have are now 37 pounds and 37 inches tall. You love to draw, color, play sports, sing, brush your teeth, and you love movies with animals. Favorites include, Lion King, Finding Nemo, Rio and Madagascar movies. You also love anything and everything Avengers. No really! We love that you dress up like a new super hero everyday and continue to surprise us. We love you Carter and can't believe that you are already three. Time flies! We love you Carter Matai! -Love, Mommy, Poppa and Elise

Newborn Baby Carter: February 16th, 2010 7lbs 8oz
Poppa and Carter at the hospital
One Year Old: Weighing 26 lbs

 18 Months Old: Weighing 31 lbs

Two Years Old: Weighing 33.5 lbs

Look who's THREE baby! Weighing 37 lbs

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