Friday, February 8, 2013

Superbowl Fun...Ravens and Beyonce!

Last weekend we got to go to a baptism and we went down to Salt Lake for lots of superbowl fun.  Congrats to the Ravens and Beyonce, but not so much to the blackout which kind of freaked me out. I went to two parties and it was fun to see family and friends. Elise got to have a sleepover with her best friend Kalena, I got my nails done for Valentine's day and Daniel got to make yummy bratwursts for the party. As for Carter he got really sick, which has now caused, EVERYONE in the household to be sick. Let's just say it's been a really long week, I'm exhausted and hoping we can all get better by Valentine's Day. Until then....

Carter got to spend a couple hours with Grandpa
 Cousin Bert and Elise on his baptism day
 Playing basketball with Grandpa
"Road Trips are always better with Ring Pops!" said Elise
Elise and Kalena getting ready to watch a movie for their sleepover (The picture frame behind them are pictures of the girls since they were babies..this is what Elise gave Kalena for her birthday) I love it!
 Here is a closer shot
I told them to pretend to be asleep..they were giggling so this is the best I could get..cute girls!
 Okay now onto this week....this is Elise's sad sick face waiting for the doctor
We now have antibiotics, among other prescriptions to get rid of all this sickness, I mean come on it's almost Carter's birthday...we need to party!


  1. Being sick is no fun! Hope you have a valentine's miracle - but post more pictures regardless!

  2. Your kids make being sick look good. They are so cute! Love the picture idea with Elise and Kalena - how fabulous is that?! I hope to have some fun with you and the kids and that Daniel too in the near future. I am hoping for a Valentine's Day miracle for your household as well - feel better!