Friday, March 22, 2013

48 Degrees, Park Time!

Sadly, 48 degrees with some sunshine is really quite decent, so for a couple of days we were ACTUALLY outside playing and even went to a park, it was miraculous and enjoyable.  I would also like to give a Happy Birthday shout out to Daniel from last week. Party party! Getting excited for Easter!

 Hanging out at Poppa's BBQ in his Roswell shirt
 My favorite little chef always ready to help
 We saw Wreck it Ralph at the local library, fun times!
This is just Elise posing as she usually does, but somehow this time she looks about 14, not 4! Crazy girl!
Outside Fun, Finally!!!

 Castle Park fun

 Climbing the wall all by herself for the first time

 Oh yeah, Happy Pi Day everyone! This is my favorite pie, French good!


  1. Love the castle park! can't wait to go there with you!

  2. I want to go to that park and I also want some cake and pie either before or after the park or maybe both! Ha! Also I get some of these cute clothes someday - right? Super fun!