Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Park!

So it's still freezing outside, but I promised myself now that we are all healthy again that I would try and get out more with the kids. That's when I decided to check out our local "fun park." It has arcade games, roller skating, bowling, and a giant play place. So that's where our adventure begins. This week Elise registered for Kindergarten and Carter passed his 3 year check-up at the doctor. Daniel is getting excited for his bday on Sunday and I'm getting excited for a quick trip next week to Idaho. Until next time...

They played on this for over an hour

 Arcade games baby!
 He made this one

Getting ready
 Trying to win
 I liked the back drop there
 Look how many tickets we got!
 Kindergarten Registration!
 Free T-Shirt!
 Fall 2013..crazy!


  1. Super fun! I want to go to there! Also Bailey has that same hot pink and grey shirt - I think we should arrange a photo with the both of them. Although I love Elise's dark leggings more than the ones I have. Love you guys!

  2. So fun - that looks fabulously fun!