Monday, March 18, 2013

Kiss Me I'm Irish

Last weekend we went up to Idaho and had a St. Patrick's Day party with the kids and all their Idaho cousins. It was a blast! Lots of kids, 11 total aging from 0-10....good times! We had lots of green food, green attire, colored leprechaun pictures, had a scavenger hunt and we decorated green cupcakes.  Now onto Easter, we have already decorated the house :)

 The group
 Some of the girls
 Yummy green food
 Miss Bailey looking awesome as always in her St. Patty's Day attire

 Scavenger Hunt
 Rainbow clues
 Their pot of gold (chocolate)
Coloring leprechaun pictures
 Elise's Picture
 St. Patty's attire
 Carter's picture
 Mom's lucky charm
Some cousin shots:
Elise and Addison
 The Boys: Boston and Carter
 Elise and Tate
 Elise and McCall
 Decorating and eating cupcakes...yummy!
 Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!


  1. Super fun times! How cute are all these kiddos?! Boston looks so muck like Lauren in that shot with Carter. Also, I am obsessed with that cute/artistic picture of Bailey looking down. She does have some great eyelashes for sure. It was fun to see you if only for a few hours and the Reuben's were delicious - right?! :-) I am still full from the party.

  2. So nice of you to post - and so cruel all at the same time! Looks like everyone had fun!

  3. Thanks for all the great pics!! Helped myself so I could post my blog ;) It was mighty fun and very delish! Shouldn't we make this a monthly occurance?! Especially that part with Whitney cooking?!