Monday, April 22, 2013

Video Week!

I noticed when looking through my camera this past week I took a lot more videos then pictures. Elise had her annual preschool concert, the kids put on their own fashion show at home, we had lots of dance parties and Elise had a check up at the dentist and was a very good girl. I have to say going to the dentist is never fun, as an adult or even as a mom. Carter is still dancing and running around like a crazy boy. He has been dressing up like Batman and Captain America daily. Daniel is wrapping up this semester and has been working hard with Aggie Spring Football. As for me, I have been busy with the kids and I have been watching Gilmore Girls. It was a very enjoyable show, I love the fast dialogue and I forgot how much I like it. Okay enough rambling here, enjoy lots of videos!

 Fashion Show
 Annual Spring Concert (Elise is in the front wearing neon leggings)
This one is my favorite (she goes for an impromptu dance solo at the end )
Her Bow is also MY FAVORITE!
Harlem Shake (Elise is crying in the background because she wanted to dance first) She is much happier in the one below.
Magalogo Brothers practicing a song to sing at church
 All smiles at the dentist
 Cheese! Elise and Mommy having some fun

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outdoor Fun!

Here are pics from some outdoor activities the kids have been up to this past week. Enjoy :)

Ya know a little posing before church
Their first spring stroller ride (sadly they are getting too big for it) Oh and Elise insisting on bringing her microphone
Still singing on our walk
Cheese, but the sun is in our eyes
Sand Park
Strong kid, doing the monkey bars by himself
Nap time in the sand
Elise's turn
Feeding the ducks
Outside chalk time

Aggie Spring Football has begun

Uncle Deen and Elise

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Singing Super Star

These are some videos of Elise singing a variety of songs. She called it her concert and loves looking on You Tube everyday to see if more people have watched her videos. Good times!

Twist and Shout
TV Shows
 Sesame Street

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

This year the kids went on an Easter Egg Hunt, got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny, got to color Easter Eggs outside because it was beautiful weather and they got all dolled up for church. Elise truly looked like a princess, we were going for an "Ever After" Drew Barrymore look for her. Happy Easter everybody, until next year!

Coloring Easter eggs outside...awesome!

 The finished product
Elise TOTALLY picked out this outfit for the Easter egg hunt herself..I knew Grammy would love the hat.
 Meeting the Easter Bunny

Easter Egg Hunt
 The kids entered their first Coloring Contest 
Ta Da...all ready for Easter Sunday

 A little posing while setting up the Primary room at church

After church, Easter Basket Time!!!