Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Salt Lake Vacation!

Daniel went on a trip to San Diego for a wedding and we decided to hang out and play like we were tourists in Salt Lake City until he got back. And guess what? We are exhausted! I took the kids to Hogle Zoo, Liberty Park, Splash Pad, Breakfast picnic at Sugarhouse Park, Swimming, Flying Kites, Jungle Jim's Playland (like a mini-amusement park for kids) and a Tour around Temple Square. This post contains lots and lots of pictures and a few videos, it is A LOT even for me, but I just couldn't help myself. My two favorite subjects were Elise and her best friend Kalena, they are always up for posing for the camera. Enjoy these pictures from our vacation.

Temple Square
On the roof of the conference center
"Mommy, is this is where the prophet talks?"

Breakfast picnic at Sugarhouse Park
The sun is in our eyes!
Just cruisin with our shades on
Best Friends

Hogle Zoo
Best Gorilla Face! (This is made out of legos)

Coolest triple stroller, I've ever seen. Nice work Jen. Twins and a two year old
Sporting their cool animal hats, and animal matching dresses
The group: My friend Jen and Anuhea and all of our kids. 7 kids under the age of 4. We thought we looked like a daycare on a field trip.

Sea Lions

Swimming and searching for treasure on their pirate ship

Carter had so much fun!
Splash Pad at Liberty Park
A little outside fun
Elise and Kalena's Hop Scotch
 Anuhea's beautiful little boy Pomai
Memorial Day

Yea! I got to play with my sister Whitney
Elise and Aunt Whitney
Just a romantic dinner at Del Taco....awwww. This is what Whitney and I saw while waiting for our food. So funny I couldn't pass it up.
I got to hang out with Jenilyn, my fellow PCC tour guide, and best friend from the good old days at BYUH
"Let's go fly a kite......"

BJ and his kite
Swing Time
He's baaaack!
Carter and Poppa time

Jungle Jim's Playland (Best Part? Practically nobody was there)

Bumper Cars
Jeep Ride
My friend Jen's twins enjoyed it too
First Roller Coaster Ride
Super fast!
Carter and Jen's little girl Natalie
He loved this flying ride

Carousel ride anyone?
They had a blast

A special thanks to our best friends BJ and Anuhea for letting us stay at their house forever and play everyday with all of our cute kiddos. Until next time...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"You Say it's Your Birthday....."

Happy Birthday to ME! I had a fun day with the fam. Daniel and I saw the new Star Trek movie (awesome btw) and went out to a new Mongolian Grill, then Daniel, Elise and Carter made me a cake.
As for this week Elise had one filling at the dentist and on the way home proceeded to chew her numb lip. Now it is a week later and it has FINALLY healed! Who knew it would cause so much damage, but all is well. Today was also Elise's last day of pre-school. Kind of bittersweet, but I know she is excited for her new school next year. Enjoy a few pics from this week.

Rockin our 3D shades

 Elise photo bombed every cake picture we took
 This is what happens when you bite your lip...(this was the first day)
 Carter out for a walk
 First time seeing a double rainbow outside our house

 Here is Elise posing by her school on her last day

 Oh yeah and we got school pictures back!