Monday, May 6, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

The temperatures have slowly but surely been warming up and we have been out and about. Daniel wrapped up another semester of school. Elise has been enjoying cooking shows on (you tube) with Mommy's supervision. Her favorites include tutorials on making Barbie cakes or people pretending to make food with pretend food (look it up and you will know what I am talking is hilarious!) I love her giggle every time when she watches them. Carter has been getting really good at doing puzzles and has a pretty good impression of Batman going on that he performs daily, mask and cape included. As for me I can't believe that it is already May, I am so excited to do lots of fun activities this summer with the fam.

A little fun at the park
Such a handsome little guy

Popsicle Fun!

Basketball with Mommy
He shoots
He scores!
Oh and Elise got to a have a quick playdate with her Bestie Kalena
Elise planted her first flower at our Primary Activity

 Some of her friends from Primary: Sienna, Lilly, and Grant
Oh and this was too funny I had to share. This is what Elise made during craft time. Bacon, Eggs and Hot Chocolate in a Mug on a Plate....Awesome, a thing of beauty :)


  1. Love this. So fun and your title totally works with the flower planting. I can't wait to hang out with you soon. Have a great week lady!

  2. This is great. The kids are cute, but the food display is genius!!!