Monday, May 13, 2013

Park Hopping!

We did some park hopping this week. Three parks on Friday and one on Saturday. The kids had fun and we all got some sun. I'm so happy that it is finally warming up. I would however enjoy the 75 degree weather a little longer. The 90 degree weather cramps my style a little. This week Elise started swim lessons again. After being put in the toddler class our little mermaid was quickly moved up with the big kids and into the deep end of the pool. Very exciting! Elise also had her Kindergarten open house, where we checked out her new school and her future classroom. It was a very weird feeling. Exciting for her, but very surreal as a mother. I'm sure her first day will be even harder. Daniel starts summer classes today. Carter is getting way too good on the computer. He seems to know everything to click and how to get to his kid websites. Smart kiddo. As for me I am just planning on picnics and trips to the zoo for the kiddos.  Good times....summertime here we go!!!!!!

Swim Lessons!
Family Collage Elise made for pre-school
"Oh this old thing, I only wear it when I don't care how I look"
 Kindergarten Open House: She will be a Hillcrest Huskie

 Park #1

 Park #2
 We found a frisbee

 Rock climber

Elise loves her Poppa
 Park #3

 "I'm making wishes Mommy"
 Park #4

 Happy Mother's Day: Gift from Elise
 A ceramic bowl with a heart in it
Carter gave me a kiss and Daniel made a yummy dinner and to die for made from scratch lemon bars!


  1. Jealous! I need to hunt for some fun parks here. Also I love that Elise already has a little black dress. So cute! I can't wait to see you guys soon. Stay cool, but enjoy the weather.

  2. Looks like lots of fun. I can't believe Elise will be going to kindergarten!