Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"You Say it's Your Birthday....."

Happy Birthday to ME! I had a fun day with the fam. Daniel and I saw the new Star Trek movie (awesome btw) and went out to a new Mongolian Grill, then Daniel, Elise and Carter made me a cake.
As for this week Elise had one filling at the dentist and on the way home proceeded to chew her numb lip. Now it is a week later and it has FINALLY healed! Who knew it would cause so much damage, but all is well. Today was also Elise's last day of pre-school. Kind of bittersweet, but I know she is excited for her new school next year. Enjoy a few pics from this week.

Rockin our 3D shades

 Elise photo bombed every cake picture we took
 This is what happens when you bite your lip...(this was the first day)
 Carter out for a walk
 First time seeing a double rainbow outside our house

 Here is Elise posing by her school on her last day

 Oh yeah and we got school pictures back!

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  1. Classic school photo - love them! Her lip still makes me sad, but I am so glad it is better. The double rainbow is amazing. So pretty. Well I hope the birthday fun continues. See you soon!