Monday, June 24, 2013

Monsters University

This past week the kids FINALLY got to see Monsters University and they are so happy and continue to try and scare us. We also went on a family hike, to a few parks and swimming. I am very excited for my sister Kirse to make her annual trip out this way later this week. The countdown is on!

After months and months of asking, the kids got to see Monsters University, they had a blast.

 Family Hike

 Nature Center
How big is your wing span?

Pretty sunset in our backyard
Swimming with some of the Magalogo Fam: Deen and Daniel
 Grandpa and Elise
 Swimming with Grandpa
 Elise and Grandpa going down the slide
Carter was cold outside of the water
 Loving to be in the water
 Found a new park!


At the top of her tower
 Rock Climbing

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  1. So fun as always. That looks like a beautiful place for a fun hike. Also how did you find a new park?! I thought for sure you had been to them all. Love the slide video - good timing kids! See you soon and have so much fun with Kirse!