Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Night by the Lake

Okay so I did it again, I went camping. This time seemed better, I knew what to expect from last year, and this time we had bathrooms, running water and we got a blow up mattress for the tent, a definite plus.  We also were right by a lake which helped us to escape the heat. We went with our friends BJ and Anuhea from Salt Lake and BJ's brother Randy and his kids came too. All the kiddos had fun splashing around in the water and eating smores by the campfire. I think now I can officially handle an overnight camping trip, but I still feel like it is A LOT of work! Fourth of July post is coming soon.

Rockport State Park
 Best Friends: Kalena and Elise

 Pomai and Anuhea
 Searching for gold

 Kiddos swimming, Carter, Elise and Kalena
 Carter playing
 Me & Hea chillin at the lake
 Daniel fishing with BJ
 Daniel caught a fish
 Not quite sure why they are choking each other, funny girls
Jamming by the campfire

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  1. You are brave. But I could maybe handle camping as long as there were bathrooms and running water. Maybe Trevor and I can join you all next time. I love the video at the end - so fabulous. Tell Daniel that I would like a special serenade/musical number for my birthday. Another great post. I can't wait for the fourth of July post. He plays the violin....