Thursday, July 11, 2013

"He Plays the Violin..." 1776 The Musical

This year we celebrated the 4th of July in Idaho Falls, for the 4th year in a row. We attended the local festivities, the parade and fireworks and we even had a BBQ at my parent's house. While on vacation we also went to Bear World and the kids got to go on rides and see lots of animals. They also had many play dates with their cousins and got to go swimming twice.  Another highlight was Skipper taking the kids for a ride in The Thing. We also accomplished everything on my list that I wanted to do for this trip. Thanks Mom for helping me get everything crossed off my list and for showing us a great time! Until next visit! (Warning: Lots and lots of pictures in this post)

Grammy and Elise at the Parade
Looking groovy in their shades on the 4th

My sis-in-law Ramona and 3 out of her 4 kids. Triple Stroller! Oh yeah!
Carter being Patriotic
Elise and her cousin Tate
Camel in the parade

Cousins McCall and Tate
Carter getting a splash of water in the face to cool was a hot one!
Cousins getting a little shade from the sun
I love the way my Mom decorates her dining room table for every holiday
Picnic in the backyard after the parade
Firework time!
Elise and Grammy
Poppa and Elise
Carter and Poppa
Mommy and Elise, waiting for fireworks
'Cause Baby You're Firework
 Bear World
Whoa...pretty close
Feeding the Bears
 I love their faces

The three 3 year olds: Cousins, Leighton, Carter and Lexi
 So fun!
 Carter giving a smile, such a handsome guy
Driving cars

Choo-choo Train

Elise and Addison
 Train Ride
Petting Zoo at Bear World
A colorful back shot of the cousins
Carter posing in front of some cubs
Elise and her cousin Austin
 Skipper taking the kids on a ride in The Thing
 The kids put their hands in the air like they were on a roller coaster...Wee!
 Carter didn't last very long
 Swimming time with the LaClare cousins: Tate and Elise
The Boys: Boston and Carter
Loving the water

Elise and Merritt
May cousins visit Grammy's house on their way to Yellowstone
 Carter and Uncle Tim
 Elise and Karina
 Cousins: Sullivan, Ethan, Karina, Elise and Carter
Wow, in only a two week period  Elise and Carter have seen all of their cousins from my side of the family. This includes her two cousins that are coming up for Elise's birthday party this weekend. That means I have seen all 5 of my siblings and all 13 of their children in just two weeks. Pretty neat. I love summer!

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  1. Sooooo fun and I am sooooo jealous!!! Next year - Idaho Falls here we come. (I hope) Great photos and videos as always. Everyone is dressed so cute - I loved the back shot of the kids. And of course the Carter asleep in the Thing is fantastic. Love love love all of it. So fun!