Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pioneer Day Parade and More

Happy Pioneer Day Everyone! This year Elise and Carter participated in their own ward pioneer parade at church prior to the actual holiday. They liked dressing up, but got quite hot towards the end of the parade. On Pioneer Day we went to the Logan parade in the morning and at night watched Toy Story at the park, followed by fireworks.
Last weekend we went to Wyoming for Daniel's brother Tui's birthday. We cooked and Umu in celebration and the kids had fun playing with cousins and feeding horses. This week I made a goal to do something fun each day with the kids including the events on Pioneer Day. So far we have succeeded and will be going swimming tonight. Oh the joys of summer. As usual enjoy lots and lots of photos.

I am sort of in love with this photo right now
 On the way to the Parade!
 Walking in the parade
 Pioneer Day Parade

 Gymnastics at the parade
These princesses had the best waves
 Carter kept saying, "More Candy" the floats went by
 I liked this car from 1916
That is A LOT of candy!
 Wyoming Trip: Feeding horses

Outside water fun at Grandpa and Grandma's house

 Holding on super tight
 Carter's turn
This girl LOVES the swings!
I love these homemade tire swings and they are even safer then normal swings. The kids played on these for about 6 hours while the boys did the Umu.

Pig is all done
Play Week: Everyday this week I made a goal to do one fun summer activity each day...well here it is!

 Splash Park!

 "Look Mommy, I'm a statue."

 Feeding Ducks!

 Fun inside on a hot afternoon, superheroes still rule our house
 Batman vs. Captain America, who will win?

Spiderman loves his Spiderman :)
Until next week....


  1. Way to be the super entertaining supermom! Fun pics as always!

  2. Fabulous as always!!!!! Love the tire swing and the fighting superheroes crack me up. I hope to hang out again soon.