Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

This week Elise started Kindergarten. She has been talking about starting Kindergarten since last summer (when she was still 3).  As I walked her into school on her first day she was racing down the hallway to her classroom, I was like, "Wait up, what about me?" Ha, I guess she was ready. So far her favorite thing is recess and she is glad she knows a few kids from church in her class. I'm pretty sure this little lady will have a good year. Other recent happenings are lots of activities with the kiddos. We went swimming, biking, on a trip to the library, bowling and a picnic at the park. We also attended Aggie Fan Day, which this year over 8,000 fans attended. It was pretty crowded and hot, but the kids enjoyed getting Aggie Tattoos, getting to play on a fun house, meeting the mascot, Blue and hanging with the cheerleaders. Lastly, the kids got haircuts this week. Elise was very excited to get to go to Cookie Cutters, where her brother always gets his haircut. Until next time....

So I might have created this photo. There were WAY too many kids taking pictures in the front of the school where the sign was. This impatient girl was too excited to get to class so we just took this pic and I added the sign. Clever I'd say.
 At her desk
 Riding bikes

 Library fun

 Swimming with Daniel's cousin Eldon and family that came up to visit
 Daniel (the twins) and Eldon
 Aggie Fan Day:
 Blue signing autographs
 A quick pose
 Aggie Tattoos

 Showing them off
 Elise and Carter hanging out with Utah State Cheerleaders
 Picnic at the park

 Bowling with Mommy and Poppa

Elise bowling
 She was so excited when she almost knocked down all the pins

 Carter's turn
Daniel gets a strike!
Elise and Carter wanted to stay all day. Carter says he has been having dreams about bowling since we went.
 Haircut  time
 We cut off 3 1/2 inches :)

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  1. Seriously I cannot believe she is in kindergarten - it must be a lie. She looked so cute and you were beyond clever with creating the school sign picture. Love it! You also continue to be an overachiever with going out and about with you kids. Good work. Can we please play together soon before the weather gets bad? A picnic or bowling party would be great. Love you and talk to you soon!