Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Ain't My First Rodeo...

Oh wait yes it is. This week we took the fam to the Cache County Rodeo. Pretty much it was everything I expected and the kids had a great time too. It was a sold out show and the stadium was filled to the max. We also took a trip to the zoo, I got a pedicure and we watched a scrimmage game for The Utah State Football team. Since school is starting soon and it will be super busy, here are some recent updates on the kiddos.

Elise: Favorite Quote of the week: "Mommy, if everybody looked the same, the world would be pretty boring." Very true Elise, very true. Okay here are some updates on this 5 year old.
Her favorite treat right now are popsicles. She can pick up things with her feet, loves to watch older shows on Netflix, like Jem and the Holograms (My personal favorite) The Magic School Bus, and Bobby's World. She loves cooking, whether it is helping Mommy in the kitchen, watching tips on the food network with Mommy and Poppa, or trying to think of new recipes, this girl is fascinated. She loves to rhyme words, floss, read Sweet Pickles books, swim, decorate her barbie doll house, listen to Adele and to beat box along with music.

Carter: He will turn 3 1/2 this month. He has started saying, "that's pretty cool" a lot and "rad." He really really likes to wash his hands, maybe too much because the soap seems to be disappearing. He loves watching any type of super hero clips on you tube. (With adult supervision). He has discovered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and continues to dress up like super hereos everyday. Currently Batman and Hawkeye are his favorites. His favorite food right now is noodles. He LOVES hip hop music and dancing, we got a pretty good little break dancer on our hands.

 Carter and Elise with their cousins Mya and Bert

 Notice the monkey?
 Elise and an Elk

 Saying hi to the duckies
 Silly faces

 Bike Ride time
 Elise was so proud of her puzzle, of course I had to take a picture
 I know nobody really cares, but these are my super cute toes this week :)
 Scrimmage Game
 Daniel hard at work with the team
 Mommy and Carter hanging out in the shade
 Merlin Olsen Statue
Rodeo Princesses
 Poppa, Elise and Carter at the Rodeo
 Elise being silly while waiting for the rodeo to start
 Yee Haw!
 Here are a few rodeo videos: Short, but sweet


  1. You do know that your kids are the coolest - right?! Beat-boxing and break-dancing?! Beyond Rad! Glad you had a great week. Fabulous toes and photos as always. Super fun!

  2. I've never been to a rodeo! Glad you got to go!