Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bear World

Well, we did it again, and why not? Bear World is almost closed for the season. While Daniel is gone traveling for away games with the Utah State Football Team, the kids and I take quick trips to visit family. Last weekend we went up to Idaho. The kids got to go to Bear World, a soccer game, a park, hang out with cousins, go shop with Mommy and Grammy and even went out to lunch. They also can't get enough of all the fun toys in Grammy and Skipper's basement! We are already planning another trip and the kids couldn't be happier about it.

Carter says, "Mommy, I'm big"

  Elise and cousin Addison
Silly faces: Cousins, Addison, Elise, Lexi, Carter and Leighton
 Bear crossing in front of the car
 Cubs playing
 A White Elk

 Petting a Deer
 Getting food to feed the animals
 Wee! The kids favorite ride
My brother Brinn, sis in law Ramona and most of their kids going on a ride together
Waiting in line for the Roller Coaster

 Roller Coaster
 A warm cup of Hot Chocolate at Grammy's house on a cold morning, PERFECT!
 King Carter and Queen Elise at Grammy & Skipper's house
 Cousins: Addison and Tate after their soccer game
 Cousins Carter and Boston wore red to show their support
Elise took all of the fisher price toys at Grammy's house that are over 30 years old and set up an entire town. She was so proud, I had to take pictures :)

Until next time :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"We Are Family..."

Last week was super busy and last weekend was a blast! My sister Whitney and my niece Bailey came up to visit. My parents also came for the first Utah State home game (we won woo hoo!) Needless to say Whitney and I partied like rock stars and took lots and lots of pictures, it was a dream. Hopefully we can do it again soon, right Whitney? Enjoy a zillion photos.

Guess who loves Aunt Whitney?
Whitney and I had discussed how we both had purchased this outfit for our girls. So of course when we got together we had to do a twinner pic. Cuties!

 Playing outside together
 Mommy and Carter
 More fun with Aunt Whitney
I took the kids to visit Daniel at work and this is on the wall outside of his office, pretty cool.
 Elise getting excited for the game
 All ready to go!
 More Twinners: My Mom and I working the athletic, yet dressy look for the game.
 Carter do you think we will win the game? Yes!
 Gooooo Aggies!
 The group ready to go, rain or shine.
 Elise and Grammy walking to the Stadium
 Skipper and Carter walking to the game
 Enjoying our seats
 My favorite poser

Elise and Mommy
 Bailey, Elise and Carter looking cute for church

Elise loves making Bailey laugh!
 Looking snazzy last Sunday for church
 Why not take pictures before you go to school
 and after school
 Carter wearing his Sam Axe shirt as I call it from Burn Notice
 Ready for the rain!
Carter had his first check up at the dentist this week and I was so impressed with how well he behaved, it's nice when your kids surprise you
A few days later this happened. A small cold turned into a little boy who couldn't breathe as a result of it going into his lungs. After two days in a row at the Insta care, steroids, antibiotics, and using a nebulizer machine, our boy is doing much much better :)
He felt super yucky, but was excited that he could watch a movie while he got his breathing treatments.
 Elise drew a picture of Poppa and Mommy this week, it made me smile :)
 We also did some painting at home this week for craft time
 He was tired, but still wanted to paint

 I like my picture at the bottom :)
Until next week.....this weekend we head back up to Idaho to see family while Daniel travels to USC for our next game. Good times! Happy Fall Everybody!