Monday, September 2, 2013

Cousin Adventures

Last week some of Elise and Carter's cousins came to visit for the day. Let's just say the weather was beautiful and these six kiddos had an AMAZING time! We also went to the Aquatic Center to swim when Elise got out of school and guess what? Nobody was was awesome! Labor Day Weekend post coming soon!

Here are all the cousins at the Castle Park. Carter, Addison, Leighton, Elise and Lexi

 Baby Austin, I seriously love his smile
 Tire Swing
 Addison and Elise
 Aquatic Center
 Swimming Fun
Elise and Addison
Carter's first time down the slide all by himself
Austin, Ramona and Lexi
Did I mention nobody was there? Perfect day


  1. This was an awesome day! Thanks for all the fun and all the pics!! To-do-again-soon!! (or at least next summer)

  2. So jealous of all your fun! Can we please go to that fun park when I come up there next?! Such cute kids! Love them!